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Post Election

Finally, tomorrow the electoral college will cast their votes for the President of the United States. No election in my memory has aroused so much antipathy, hatred, and death threats even against the electors who will cast their votes tomorrow. We have been hearing all kinds of stories about how many people have petitioned them to change their votes. The electors are supposed to cast their votes for the person who won the election per state, which is Donald Trump. But Trump haters have been besieging the lives of the electors with even death threats. That is outrageous to consider. I would wonder at how many death threats that Donald himself has had sent to him.

There is little doubt that after he finally takes the oath of office which is only a few weeks away that the secret service will be busy overtime trying to protect him as they probably are even as I write this now.

The latest excuse for the Democratic party's loss is that the Russians must have hacked the emails of the DNC or John Podesta. In fact, it has been reported that a leaker from inside NSA actually sent the damaging emails to Julian Assange. Russia has in fact nothing to do with the Pedesta emails, and deny also hacking into the DNC. Hacking is a manipulation of some kind according to hacking experts, but leaking is actually taking the emails and sending them to Assange for distribution. Nobody has quite made that clear except for a few people, one of whom is Judge Andrew Napalitano.

It is quite annoying to see that there is still so much anger about losing to Donald Trump by the disgruntled Democrats. There are so many obvious reasons that people would not want Hillary Clinton to be assuming the role that Barack Obama has played for the last years that it is not funny to imagine that even a Russian would make any difference at all. Hillary is obviously not a woman who is even appreciated or approved by many women for her way of gaining easy entry into the political process, which is on her husband's coattails.

I don't wish to rehash the election process because I believe that it is time to get on with the process of having Donald sworn in, and in charge of the government now that he has won the support of the people of nearly every county in the USA.

The problem is that immigrants file into NYC or California by the droves so that the two major population centers are tilting a so-called popular vote in Hillary's favor. Nobody can be sure that any of their votes are legitimate since too many illegals seem to feel free to vote when they should be considered ineligible. That is one reason that many, including myself, dismiss the votes in California as probably invalid and unworthy of being considered in the final count.

I had not realized how corrupt politics really is in the Democratic party especially until this last election, and that has been proved due to the leaks that been exposed to show how the Democrats operate the election process. They really thought that they had it sewed up, due to improper voting procedures, many of which are totally fraudulent. The Democrats are like a criminal gang instead of a reputable political body it appears.

A video did appear on Facebook in which a recognizable person from t.v. admitted that he and a group of cooperating insiders did obtain the emails, and because they knew that Hillary had caused the death of two agents they were angry at her incompetence so that they decided to expose the emails to discredit the party. Whether they had any real influence depends upon whether anyone actually read the wikileaks and whether they thought that the information could affect their vote. It is highly unlikely that they had any real impact at all because most people based their decision on things like planned parenthood, pro life or pro choice, the supreme court justices, and finally most important of all, jobs for needy Americans. Hillary had literally been heard saying that the coal miners would never have employment again but would be retrained or have to live on welfare. She lost West Virginia and Pennsylvania miners that way. Donald Trump promised that they would be working again. He has to deliver on that now.

So while Trump is getting his administration in control by announcing his appointment choices early, he has time to fill his cabinet posts even before the inauguration ceremonies. Unfortunately, idiots like Michale Moore are encouraging protests at the inauguration while supporters of Trump are holding parties in D.C. It will be quite a day to say the least.

The news from CNN is on right now, and the topic now is the China problem of a drone belonging to America having been picked up near the coast of Philippines. The Chinese have said that they will return the drone but are upset with the way Trump seems to be handling the One China only policy. He did tweet that America should just let China have it. This after the pentagon has already resolved the problem so we are told. All this is on Barack Obama's watch as such so that it is settled for all practical purposes except that Trump is sounding off to make China very unhappy, much to the joy of his detractors in the Democratic party.

At times, Trump does act as if he is the bull in the China shop. I wonder if even Ivanka can really influence him as it is reported.

If he lasts two years, I will be surprised. On one hand he seems to be doing really well, and then he suddenly blows it all in a single tweet. He had better learn to take his time before he sounds off! I thought he said he is an expert at negotiations. He too often sounds like a man unable to control his passions or emotions. And he is 70 years old! Well, Donald, you need to think before you speak. Why do you think that people are protesting so much? You brought it on yourself!

Political Election

For awhile, I had been using this site to express political opinions. Eventually, I simply stopped discussing the issues. I had had strong opinions about it, and as good fortune turned out, my hopes were realized. I had wanted anyone but Hillary Clinton to win this election for any number of reasons. Essentially, when one has been turned out to pasture from the political game, one does not want to see a rerun or reentry of the same family again. This family had been so personally offensive to me that I just was adamantly against them. I am still amazed at the truth of the corruption within the Democratic party, and had not known that it was truly as controlled by big financial donors as it turns out that it is.

I was happy that Trump won instead of Clinton, but I am not convinced yet that the electorate really knows what it is doing when it comes to government and elections. The Politicians have done the average citizen so poorly while enriching their own nests with raises, perks, and benefits that none of the average citizen will ever see. It is quite a game to become a career politician, and finally, most of the citizenry is starting to react to it in a negative way.

Computer Problem and Solution

I have a problem with a video driver for my computer. The receiver will not let the disc go in to play on the computer so I took it to Apple to find help. The technician tested the driver and it operates well on any computer but mine, and we tested my computer to determine where the problem may be in the computer. As a result, the technician decided that it was the software so I have to buy an external driver to use as a backup for all my contents. I have all my contents now safely backed up.

We tried with a new technician today to see if we could get the driver problem to work but no success there at all. It worked twice but then again there is something in the operating system that won't let the disc enter the driver. So we did not solve the problem. I did get my old operating system replaced and all my contents are back in the computer, and to some extent I am a happy camper. But the problem still exists, and I do not know what to do but to use a dvd player for all my dvd's. Anything that needs a computer will be a problem that I am not willing to solve. The only thing I know is that the driver is still good and can be used on another Mac. I have no intention right now of buying a new computer but I am aware at least that I can probably use it on a different computer. I have updated my system so now I can use Siri and she did work for me when I asked for documents. She delivered.

So I am tired of it all, but pleased that my computer has no malware, is operating, and nothing is lost. What a time!

Eye Examination

Tomorrow I will have my eyes examined to see whether I will have cataract surgery or not. This is actually quite a problem for me. I am very nervous about it. I know this doctor so the examination itself does not bother me as such, but the problem of having surgery does not make me look forward to the procedure. Yet, everyone tells me that it is a simple, quick operation but I am still dubious. I am nervous as a cat.

To be honest, I wrote this just to test the feature of posting this to Facebook to see how that will work.

The Olympic Games

The problem with watching the Olympic Games is that one cannot get away from them, whether the live morning, afternoon games or the tape delayed night time games. I did watch a fencing match this morning that was live at the time, and even a soccer game which showed the difference in the time zones between Arizona and Brazil. I understand that Brazil is four hours ahead of Arizona.

One of the most exciting games to watch was the women's cycling today. Unfortunately, a crash happened to the leader who apparently suffered a concussion and spinal fractures. Her teammate who had stayed with her did win the race in the end. Tonight, the USA team has scored very high in the gymnastic competition. Simone Biles has achieved so much that she alone has captured the attention of the world.

Michael Phelps won another gold medal, making his total of gold 19 and total of all medals, 23. World records are being shattered in swimming. The USA does lead in total medals, 12, but only 3 are gold.

At this moment, Phelps team is receiving the gold medal so that the Star Spangled Banner is being played and heard.

It promises to be a very exciting Olympic games despite all the problems in Rio de Janeiro. Use Facebook streaming live to see some of it on CNN and other networks.

Issues and Policies are Important

While a person's personality and character make them have appeal or lack of appeal, the most important thing in selecting a candidate for any office is his position on issues that are important to the average American citizen. Candidates come in all sizes, shapes, and personalities. Some are humorous, fun, or deadly serious, dull, but efficient and capable. Sadly, the presidency is the post when we finally see whether a candidate is a cut up such as George W. Bush had been, a bon vivant such as Bill Clinton, or a gloomy gus like Richard Nixon. JFK was always liked for his enthusiasm, his vigor, his youthful attitude in sharp contrast to the retired general Eisenhower who seemed more interested in golf than in issues.

However, when America has candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, nobody knows exactly what to think. On issues, Hillary is so changeable and so easily persuaded to join in an opponent's side that one wonders if she actually does stand for anything at all. At one time, she is seen declaring that marriage is for a man and a s woman, but later when the wind changes, and the gay world seems to gain approval, she suddenly declares that she is for gay marriage. Yes, people have a right to change their mind, but when she finally began to sound and look like Bernie Sanders, hoping to gain approval from his followers, one had to wonder whether she could stand up for her own $12.50 minimum wage or her own belief about college costs. She does seem to be firmly convinced that Planned Parenthood provides information and aide to women who need counseling regarding childbirth but one can only wonder when she might change her mind about that as well. Someone asked her if she only says what it takes to get her elected. Hillary has a tendency to stretch and bend the truth so that naturally no matter her answer, one would be a skeptic. But the topper in that business of truth telling is when she persists in saying that James Comey, the FBI director, said that she answered truthfully. In fact, he never did make any such statement. He was not even present when the FBI group asked her questions. I wonder if Hillary is just addled, seriously senile, or really believes that the more you repeat a lie the more likely it will become true. She is very deluded in that respect, and it is far too obvious to ignore.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has decided to test all his loyal following by announcing that even if he were to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue that they would continue to support him, the intent meaning that they are so loyal as to forgive any stunt he might pull. After that, he has pulled stunts that only a crazy person would do, but then who says that anyone who would run for president is not just that crazy.

Donald has done so many stunts that would have torpedoed any ordinary candidate's chances, but because he is not a politician, he is thumbing his nose at the careful, cautious, and too politically correct politicians. Those very same politicians are who hate him the most for his apparent arrogant attitude that he need not abide by the rules that govern the lot of a sensible and sane elected official.

I often have wondered if he isn't just daring us to elect him. I have often wondered if he truly wants this position, if he isn't just handing it to Hillary on a platter.

But he does put his own money in the coffers while soliciting from his followers for funds to support him. For a billionaire to beg for money to support his game plan is a bit of a huge red flag for me. I have to think twice about that.

So here we are, with a woman who is clearly unfit to be president, but women who want the joy of having a female finally become the president seem to think it is all right to support her. I am woman, but I do not want this woman to be the woman who is the first to win the hearts and minds of Americans so that she is elected to the office.

I do not like the idea that she could win only because Donald Trump is so foolish as to make rude comments, to insult people right and left, and to put his family through the political hell of an election. But Donald does represent the Republican party now and has promised to follow the precepts of his party. If he were a guest a party, he would probably be evicted. Whether he is calculating that he can do whatever he wants, or is simply playing everyone for fools is something that few can decide. I think that calling his bluff may be a problem but he is who the GOP selected to be the nominee, so that the GOP has to deal with the probability that he may actually win the election.

If he does win the election, he is also surrounded by any number of congressmen who will either make life great for him or make it the most miserable job he has ever attempted. I think that Donald had better begin to decide which he really wants, to win or to lose. We know already how the Democrats feel about him. They continue to throw his own words right back at him. He has little to do but to admit to having acted boorishly foolish and or apologize, or continue to be a huge pain in the ass.

That is where the issues are so important. Hillary represents supposedly all the minority groups who have decided to hate Donald for one reason or the other, and a few female who are so idiotic as to want to put this old grandmother in a position where she is really too senile and too unhealthy to even consider doing the job. Her friends do her a favor by rejecting her. Her husband slept through her acceptance speech which probably tells all that we should just forget her as well.

Donald is a problem for any serious minded person who wants a man who is not a blowhard but a serious minded and steadfast person to control the hardships of the nation as they will surely come in the next four years. Any sane person would prefer a strong male presence when facing the problems that will assail us from Russia and China rather than a phony woman whose men behind the scenes are really controlling her and all her decisions. No doubt that any woman who cannot hold her own against Bernie Sanders will be unable to deal with any foreign leader no matter who. We do not need another Angela Merkle or Becky Thatcher in America at this time. Without Ronald Reagan to bolster her, Mrs. Thatcher would not have been quite so powerful. Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, there is no comparable Ronald Reagan to bolster her.

While Donald Trump has flaws, too many to really enumerate, he does have many positive qualities that could make him a great president. But his ego must go. This man thinks only of himself which is all right at times. We know how to blame for all his positions. Himself, and nobody else. With Hillary, we can blame anyone who has funded her whether it be Russia, Saudia Arabia, Wall Street or Buffet. There are too many pulling her strings to take her seriously.

Let us hope the American people do pay attention and realize that one candidate will support freedom of choice while another will support the rights of the unborn. That one will support large bureaucracies while the other will try to help small independent businesses. That one will make promises while the other will fulfill promises. Each one is going to have to make the voter know who is who and why he or she should become the next occupant of the White House.

The Election 2016

I just received an early ballot for the primary here in my state. It is disheartening to see so many uncontested positions. The difficulty in getting good candidates to even run for office makes one wonder at what kind of democracy we actually have. In too many states a single party dominates so much that no one in the opposition party even bothers to enter the race. That should not be either.

The surprising thing about the GOP nomination process is that the already tried and proven elected officials fared so poorly against the upstart newcomer who clearly commanded the lead which he kept all the way from start to finish. He has had no experience in serving any government position but had the audacity to throw his hat in the ring for the top office of the land. His success was due to his extreme naiveté about the electoral process since he appeared to speak from his heart and his head in a way that public officials have long abandoned. He spoke his mind as truthfully as he could. Not a polished speaker with skills to actually make his listeners know that he was talking about only a small criminal group, the audacity to wake the public up to the fact that immigrants were often rapists and murderers soon translated into the Latino community thinking he meant all of them instead of only a part of them. That is ludicrous to think that the Mexicans who are violating American laws should get such sympathy from the Mexicans who have immigrated to the USA legally. Those people did thank Donald for his words believe it or not. But the carryover has been the same. People like Julio Iglesias even took up the cause on behalf of Latinos, failing to realize he is giving a blanket endorsement to the thieves, murderers, and rapists who do end up in American jailhouses all across the land.

So the election has become a ridiculous selfish self-centered problem of ethnic groups thinking that they alone exist in this vast nation so that the Latino vote is definitely not favorable to a candidate who did calm the fears of the victims of the rapists, murderers, etc. No sooner had he made his entry comment to have a repeat offender actually kill a woman on the Golden Gate Bridge whose name has become a byword in the legislature but idiotic Democrats appear to sympathize with the criminal instead of the victim. One wonders at why and how these Democrats actually get elected in those districts in which these events happen pretty regularly.

San Francisco is clearly guilty but one surmises that the inhabitants are so high on dope that they don't really care about one another at all. It makes that impression whether true or not. I am pretty confident that the hippy era is not totally gone from the SF region so that there is a good reason to believe that drugs are still a major problem.

In New Hampshire which Donald Trump applauds so loudly and loves so much, heroin is a prime top of conversation. Heroin is just as much a problem in Ohio as New Hampshire, as a recent television program examined, and these drugs are due to the open borders along the Mexican nation in which tunnels are dug to transport these drugs easily into the USA. It is necessary to call a spade a spade, and while thousands of Mexicans suffer at the hands of these drug cartels, too little is made of the seriousness of the problem in which Americans are the victims.

Do the Democrats address these problems? No, they were too concerned about having free tuition for college students. Enough money has been channeled into both parties to have a free college program in each and every state of the union, but in truth, politicians use these topics only to guarantee a vote for their side at election time. Then, naturally, nothing ever comes of it. No politician will ever convert his or her own funds to that of the needs of the young in their education. Be real. Admit the truth. Politicians are high pressure salesman who lie,cheat, and steal just to get their own free ride from the public serving in elected offices.

I will let this thought sink in while I take a break from this rant.

Loose tongue, Rude Behavior

Another reason that I oppose Hillary Clinton is due to several books which are leaking her so called rude behavior and smutty mouth. It appears that Hillary likes to overuse the "F" word. A post going around is from a man who served in the military as a canine keeper. His post begins with the reason that he will not vote her is not due to her political decisions but rather on the one time that she spoke to him.

He had met her while on duty when she made a personal appearance at some base. As a canine handler, he had the military dog with him when she walked into the room. I am not repeating this verbatim as he writes it but he stated that she said to him, "What is that f'ing dog doing here? Get him out of my way." He maintained his silence.

That is all that she said to him, but her abruptness and her candid speech has decided for him that she is not the person he wants to elect this fall.

Several other books describe similar antics, and there is another post going around listing each author, title, and quotation from the book where Hillary again loves to use the "F" word to berate and harangue not only service men but also secret service men, and other menial personnel in the White House. She was the most disliked woman apparently who had worked with these men and women whose complaints are becoming well known.

Isn't it rather strange that to so many she appears so acceptable in her demonstrations of kindness and thoughtfulness when it serves her purpose for making a commercial to show her consideration for a poor Mexican girl whose parents may become deported. Talk about photo ops for advertising. Everyone saw through that pathetic attempt to look motherly.

A woman who could not possibly understand the Mexican women who stay home to bake cookies while she studies law at some fancy Eastern college. Wellsley College, I believe it is.

Oh, yeah, We do see right through this strange woman who knows when and who to berate and when and who to mother. NO way do I approve of Hillary Clinton for any role in the White House.

English as the official language

Years ago, when I lived in California, a legislator who was of Japanese heritage introduced the idea that English should be the official language. He was a Democrat from the San Francisco area if I remember correctly. Hayakawa was a good man as I recall who became a United States Senator. The idea was introduced to the world and it caught fire amongst many who believe that the USA needs an official language too. After all, all our history and important documents are written in the English language.

So this is another reason that I oppose Hillary Clinton who for some idiotic reason of her own opposed the idea that we need an official language. I have not been for Mrs. Clinton for that reason alone amongst any number of sound reasons but this one is especially disgusting to me.

She and Harry Reid together combined to be opposed to the bill that would make English our official language. I will not try to examine any of her arguments about it whether worthwhile or not. I am simply opposed to her for the very fact that she cannot appreciate why it is that America should have an official language.

While watching the Olympic nations enter the stadium in Rio de Janeiro last night, I heard the commentators discuss how many nations had Portuguese as their official language. It struck me odd that such a small nation as Portugal had had such a navigation adventure program to impact that many nations around the world as it had done.

I believe that America has an official language and it is English. I also believe that Congress should make it official.

Conventions are Ended, Process Begins

I admit to having a bias in this campaign so that I did not bother to watch the Democratic convention. I have not been a Democrat since 1972 when George McGovern ran against Richard Nixon. I won't go into all the details but while I did attend a Democratic caucus in Colorado to meet up with fellow Democrats in Durango, I decided at that caucus to become an Independent. I followed up on that but because of a need to declare a party to vote in a primary in AZ I have since registered as a Republican.

I have never liked the Clinton family and therefore did not bother to watch this travesty of a convention in which Hillary Clinton was named the nominee of her party. It only proves to me how bad the Democrats have become that they would actually persist in pushing this dreadful woman upon the stage of American democracy in action.

It was when Bill Clinton ran for President that I became acquainted with the Clinton's through the media, and I turned against her in her supercilious attitude about not wanting to stay home to only bake cookies. As if being a homemaker, a wife, and a mother is not good enough for Miss Snooty Tooty from the great state of Illinois. I have not liked her even more for other poor decisions and remarks, so I took no joy in seeing that the Democrats are filled with people who do not listen, who do not care, and who do not bother to learn how really dreadful this woman truly is.

I will be sure to list all the reasons that I am opposed to her as I continue this rant against her, but for now, I will just close with the statement that the reason America has so many serious problems today is because women cannot decide whether their own children are worth a damn or not. They are so busy wanting to be bosses that they fail to know that the home is the basic foundation for children to become the adults that will be the future of our nation.



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